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About a very special night

Last Thursday, May 23rd, we had the seventieth second ceremony of the Moy Jo Lei Ou (MJLO) family. I was lucky enough to be invited by my Si Fu to access a new domain of the Ving Tsun System, Biu Ji.

It was a very special night for a variety of reasons, some of which I will list below:
Firstly, May 23rd was the day that my Si Fu did his discipleship (Baai Si) ceremony. And believe it or not - it happened on a Thursday as well!
Secondly, it was the first day of a new instrument in our Kung Fu family, something Si Fu calls "efemérides", in which he tells us stories about previous events of his life as a disciple and as a To Dai, while taking into account his own perspective of the moments that he shares with us.
Thirdly, we had Si Mo with us, which is on its on already something very special for me and for all my kung fu brothers.
Finally, a lot of my dear brothers did their best to be there at the event, which made it even more significant for me. It is very hard to describe such honor.

All the participants of the "Efemérides".

Everything about that night far exceeded my expectations (which were already very big). It was so interesting to hear all the stories Si Fu had to say! It really makes us think and almost "demystify" the way we imagine our Si Fu as a disciple and as a To Dai. You see, we tend to think of our Si Fu as an undisputed and almost invincible hero (laughs), so hearing about previous events that happened during his Kung Fu Life via his own perspective is amazing. And man, he made us laugh! It is super nice to see this side of our Si Fu. Additionally, he invited Olívia Mamberti and my Si Hings Clayton Souza and Marcelo to start the Baai Si process, and Clara Diniz was invited for admission in the Kung Fu family. Si Fu really knows how to surprise people and make small moments become special!

Selfie with my dear and oldest Kung Fu brother, Si Hing Leo Reis.

And then, we had the access ceremony to the advanced level. I was the only member accessing the Biu Ji domain that night. The most emotionally heavy fragment of that night for me was seeing how much I am cared for in our family. My dear Dai Si Hing (oldest member of the MJLO family), Leonardo Reis, took me by surprise when he showed up just for my ceremony. And he told me at least three times during the event: "I would never miss this event knowing that you are going to another country soon". It was really special to hear his sincere thoughts.

Revering the ancestral table with Si Fu and Si Mo by my side. I got chills when I saw this picture after I arrived home that night.

Si Hing Cristiano Chaves was in the condition of master of ceremonies - and he did a great job, even with our Si Fu trying to mess with our previously arranged script (laughs). My advisor was Si Hing Guilherme. He spoke some words that are very fitting to my current moment! Both Si Fu and Si Mo then honored the ancestral table (Saam Toi) and sat down, while I was asked to speak about my experience in the intermediate level (Cham Kiu). A lot happened in my life since I accessed Cham Kiu. It is very clear now that the Ving Tsun that my Si Fu passed on to me has allowed me to develop tools to deal and connect with some of those life events.

Soon after, Si Fu asked me to display my Cham Kiu to everyone present at the event. I have to say it was not my best sequence, but I felt something different while performing it. The space was tight, my shoes felt very slippery and my adrenaline was sky-rocketing... could that be the Biu Ji nature he was talking about?
Following this, Si Fu asked my advisor, Si Hing Guilherme, to demonstrate the first part of the Biu Ji form. The sequence was great, but after the third or fourth movement, the only thought in my mind was - "Is Si Fu really expecting me to remember all this???" (laughs).

At the end, Si Fu, Si Mo, Si Hing Leo and Si Hing Cris all got to speak some words about me. I was very touched with everyone, but particularly with Si Mo's speech. The words she said were so significant that I had a hard time to keep my composure. She really struck me in the heart!
We took the official photography and Si Fu gave me the official certificate of access to the advanced level. I still do not have the photo with my Si Fu and Si Mo (Si-To), but I will post it next week as soon as I get my hands on it.

And just when I thought the night was over... another surprise. My dear Si Hing André told my Si Fu that he also wanted to take a picture with me, along with some other Kung Fu brothers. I am not sure if my Si Hing André realizes how much this meant to me. He was always very active in my practice since I started the intermediate level. Indeed, it means a lot, Si Hing!

How lucky am I to be able to have a lifelong relationship with these people?

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