segunda-feira, 29 de abril de 2019

Family Ties

Given the current moment that our family is going through, in a brief conversation with my Si Mo, Márcia Teresinha Ferreira de Moura Camacho, we decided to keep this page in English language only. I am very happy to restart writing here after a long time and I kept thinking during the weekend what exactly to write about. Although we had a very rich alignment seminary last Saturday, I could not think of any better theme than our relationship with our Si Mo.

My Baai Si is still crystal clear in my head: What an amazing day! To have Si Gung Leo Imamura and Si Taai Vanise Imamura here with us was crazy! It was a very big event, as there were people accessing new domains in the Ving Tsun system, some were entering the family and my Si Hing Marcos Leiras and I were doing the Baai Si. Looking at this photograph and thinking about what it represents, I can only dream of how amazing it would be to have Si Mo with us that day. Maybe I will ask Si Fu, with all his knowledge of etymology, what word carries more weight than "amazingly special" - I am sure that word would be faithful to such an occasion (laughs).

What is funny about my relationship with my Si Mo is that I have the impression that I know her for a long long time. She blended with our family in ways I could only dream of. Her charisma, kindness, joy and warmth are very characteristic and mixed perfectly with our Si Fu. It calmed my heart when I realised, a few weeks ago, the great company that Si Fu will have for his upcoming trip to the USA. As I've heard my Si Fu saying countless times, I sincerely wish for our relationship to be long, because if it is, it will also be rich.