segunda-feira, 6 de maio de 2019

The road of Kung Fu

Last week was a very special week in my life, or at least one of the best I recall in the last few years. Not only I passed in the first test to revalidate my diploma to work in the United Kingdom, but I also got married. I realise how important a marriage is but, at least for me, what really matters is the road that my wife and I are traveling together. As my Si Fu, Senior Master Julio Camacho always wishes for his To Dai (students): "Let's keep together!"

I consider myself a lucky guy. Almost ten years ago, I met a woman who really caught my attention with her humility and kind heart - and I was lucky that she noticed me. She really supports me and, don't get me wrong, also criticizes me when necessary. She is the main driver on the path we chose for our life. Indeed, it is very clear that she had to abdicate the vast majority of her dreams so that I could live my own. So, after we went to the registry to sign all documents for the civil marriage, we went straight to my parents' house in Alfenas, a city located in the countryside of the state of Minas Gerais. 

My mother in law, me and my wife listening attentively to what my father has to say.

As soon as we got there, my father decided to make a toast. You see, my father is the kind of man who has amazing speech skills. He is also the most intelligent person I have ever met - so no pressure on me at all (laughs). However, there is something very characteristic of him: he only speaks about someone when he really thinks the person deserves to hear something, or if he thinks the moment asks for something to be said. So, hearing my father speak about someone in our family is one of the greatest honors that a member of our family can have. I suppose there is some degree of Kung Fu in that - he is accurate and only speaks when the timing is right. One can only imagine how surprised I was when I heard my father say something that I have heard my Si Fu saying before - not with the same words, not in the same scenario, but with the same meaning. He started his speech with these exact words: "I would like to start this toast by greeting the grandparents here today, as we are only here because of them. We owe this to our ancestors. Nature and life are something so spectacular that it gives us continuity. In this moment, life has put us all here today (our family members) in the same road. And it is up to us to make the best of the time we have together."

My Si Mo and our two dai si hings listening closely to what our Si Fu has to say.

My father was completely right - we owe the fact that we are here to our ancestors. We have to take care of what was left for us. I guess my interpretation of the teachings of my Si Fu are getting more accurate as time passes, just as my father speeches probably got better as he practised more. And that is something we can only achieve if we keep together in the road of life.

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